Beautiful Architect The the Viceroy Bali villa

Spending time with all the routine work, draining a lot of energy and concentration. Need time to refresh the condition. The most fun was on vacation.

Many places in the world offers pleasure and satisfaction, such as the Viceroy Bali villa. Ideal vacation spot to enjoy the natural beauty of the tropics, with all the friendliness of natural and cultural richness, integrated services that ensure guest satisfaction.
Expanse of tropical plants adorn the surrounding villas, providing fresh air clean and healthy. Like the emerald, soothing and beautiful to touch.

Each service has a service unique villa, a spacious bedroom, private pool, and small traditional Balinese pavilion called Bale-bale to enjoy views of the spectacular river valley Petanu. Bali is rich in local cultural arts, culture typical pattern is shown in each building such as carved doors, decorative sculpture, thatched roofs, and some carved furniture.

Views of each room directly overlooking the beautiful natural environment, allow to rest indefinitely. Room service will help all guests needs. Services such as restaurant, spa, transportation facilities, gyms, boutiques available at all times.